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JL .28 Max Engine

Introducing the new memberof the JL family of engines, JL .28 Max! OFNA has spent many months in research and developement on this power house. Its new design has been added to already proven performance of the Max line of engines.With the technoloy of the big block design, it leaves all its other competitors behind at the start line. It has the most speed and power of any engine we have put to market for the Traxxas Revo and T-Maxx kits. You will be amazed with the actual speeds obtained with this new engine!


Claimed HP 2.7hp
RPM 34,000
Carb Type Slide / Composite
Piston Contruction ABC
Type Rear Exhaust
Ports 4
Crankshfat SG
Stroke 16.8mm
Bore 19mm









Product Suggestions:

We suggest due to the amount of power and torque this engine provides, that the below CNC engine mounts be used in place of the stock kit mounts.

  • 51530 Traxxas T-Max CNC motor mount
  • 51531 Traxxas Revo CNC motor mount



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